Maryeling Murillo


Maryeling graduated in 2003 from the University UNAN in Managua, with her degree in Computer Education. In 2005 , she began her graduate studies in Administration in Youth and Adult Education of Latin America. All of her professional experience has been in developing projects involving education in Information Technology and Communications (ITC). She has worked as a teacher and coordinator in Preschool Education, Primary, Secondary, University and Special Education, developing projects with educational approach and sustainability strategies for ITC projects. She also has experience as a tutor and coordinator of virtual computer courses. Maryeling has worked at Nica HOPE since April 2008, coordinating all programs of Nica HOPE. She also handles the administrative and Human Resources aspects of the program. Working at Nica HOPE has been the best job Maryeling has had in her life. Working and interacting with the community has been so fulfulling for Maryeling. She is continually learning a lot from the community of Chureca, especially of how to be more aware and sensitive to the problems of others.

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