Maria Teresa Méndez


In May 2008 Maria Teresa graduated from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Managua UNAN) with a Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in Computer Education. Maria Teresa worked as a student instructor in the computer education labs of the University.  She also interned at the College of Special Education Melania Morales in 2005, working with children work in 4th and 5th grade to strengthen basic education through using the computer as a tool of learning support,.  She also worked in 2007 at the premises of the University UNAN Managua to train teachers in the faculty of education and languages in the use of the Educational Platform Moodle. In February 2008 Maria began working at Nica HOPE organizing computer programs, curricula, and the initial enrollment of students. Since then she has been working as the teacher coordinator of Nica HOPE's computer center.  María Teresa has been interested in learning from other people who work at the center, thereby supporting different forms of the programs that are held in the Institute. She likes to study a lot to gain new knowledge and transmit these skills to others.  She also likes to listen to music, surf the Web, and go to the movies with her friends.  But most of all, she likes trips to the countryside and enjoying  nature.

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