Manuel Antonio Leiva Loredo


Manuel has studied social law in the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI) and has participated in various training in topics such as leadership, violence prevention, sexuality, risk behaviors, and others. Over the last 5 years, through receiving multiple workshops, training sessions, and certificates, he has focused his attention on the study of addiction counseling. In this field in particular, he has worked as a director and counselor at the Center for Aid and Rehabilitation of Addicts. He has worked in private clinics and has conducted volunteer work in institutions to prevent risk behaviors in adolescents. Currently, he is studying clinical psychology in the University of Managua UNIVAL. He is very interested in human psychology and psychotherapy. Manuel has worked with Nica HOPE in the area of community promotion and psychosocial attention since January 2009. His responsibilities include conducting community visits, coordinating the promotion program, providing educational talks to the children and families, and running an art and sports program. The purpose of these tasks is to provide individual, group, and family attention. He says, ÒNica HOPE gives me the opportunity to utilize my professional and humane qualities. This combination is very beneficial in my journey of personal self. However, I do not come here to teach, but better, to share life experiences that motivate the discovery of profound knowledge of the potential self that each one has within.Ó

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