Deanna Ford


Deanna graduated in 2003 from Princeton University with a degree in Economics and Latin American Studies. Afterwards, she went to Washington, DC to work as a research assistant at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). During the summer of 2006, Deanna worked in underdeveloped communities in Nicaragua with Manna Project International on projects in education, health, and microfinance. Deanna completed her Master of Public Policy at Georgetown University in May 2007, where she focused on issues in international development and education. During school, she has also worked as a consultant for Agora Partnerships, an organization fostering business development in Nicaragua, and as a research fellow for the Center for Research on Children in the U.S. Deanna worked full-time in Nicaragua, directing and developing project operations of Nica HOPE for the first two years of the project's operation.  She is now working at the Center for International Development at Harvard University, but remains very involved in Nica HOPE's work.

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