Cristina Fletes


Christina Fletes was one of the first Nica HOPE jewelry students in 2008. Cristina has lived in the Managua trash dump for most of her life and was one of the inspirations for the jewelry program, as we were seeking a means to help youth stay in school and away from working in the dump. Earning an income through the program has helped her buy supplies and clothes for school, in addition to contributing to her household income.  She is quite talented at both wirework jewelry and macramé, in addition to being an outstanding academic student.  After graduating from high school in December 2010, she joined on as a full-time jewelry teacher.  Like Mery and Sofia, Cristina still lives inside of the dump, but has great aspirations for her future.  The entire center has been impressed by the dedication, positive attitude, and initiative Christina has shown during her first year as a teacher.

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