Buy Nica HOPE Jewelry

Nica HOPE currently has over 100 students in our jewelry-making program.

With children working in the trash to make little more than $2 a day, Nica HOPE programs aim to provide education and job opportunities apart from the trash for these youth.   In addition to developing their creativity and providing alternative activity to working in the trash, this program serves as a means of income-generation for the students. Each student receives a portion of the profit from each item she or he makes that is sold. The program is also teaching the students basic business skills, so that each program graduate will have the capability to start his or her own mini beading-business to earn a living apart from the trash. 

You can buy jewelry at our program in Managua, at our events in the US, and on the main Fabretto website here:

Buy Nica HOPE Jewelry


If you're interested in placing a special order or hosting a jewelry sale, please contact us.

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